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Software Developer

DUTIES: Planning, designing, developing, coding, testing, building, deploying, and debugging new software or enhancements to existing company software Transportation Management System. Develop a full-stack software system which includes web applications, REST APIs, and microservices. Integrate software components (PowerBI (for Data Analytics), CSS, Javascript, Ms-SQL Server, Ms- Excel with VBA, HTML, Typescript, and Scrum & Agile Methodology) to create the designed system. Develop systems that adhere to architecture standards and practices. Collaborate and maintain a high standard of communication with team members, designers, product managers to provide end-to-end solutions. Encourage and uphold best practices for web development, including writing clean and performant code, developing responsive code, and applying accessibility standards.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Info Systems or closely related field. Plus 24 months of experience in occupations involving Software Development. 24 months of experience in Python with Flask (with Microservices), NodeJs with Express (with Microservices), PowerBI (for Data Analytics), MongoDB, VueJs, ReactJs, MySQL, SQL Language, MS-SQL Server, MS-Excel with VBA, PostgreSQL, VS Code, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Typescript, and Scrum & Agile Methodology.

SALARY: $38.52 to $43.52 per hour

HOURS: Monday through Friday, 40 hours a week

WORK LOCATION: 1421 Charles Willard St, Carson, CA 90746

Humberto Linares, Business Development Director
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Posted on 2/7/2023