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Dear Customer,

Beginning March 6th, 2023, our New Fuel Surcharge (FSC), at 39%, will apply to each load pulled by Supra.

Supra National Express, Inc. implemented a new fuel surcharge structure to all drayage shipments in July. The adjustment is made according to the table below.  The fuel surcharge is based on the California price per gallon of diesel fuel as stated by the U.S. Department of Energy in their monthly Monday reports.

You can also check the index at the Federal Energy Department’s website.

 $2.00 $2.95 20 $5.56 $5.70 41
$2.96 $3.10 21 $5.71 $5.85   42  
$3.11 $3.25 22 $5.86 $6.05 43
$3.26 $3.35 23 $6.06 $6.20 44
$3.36 $3.50 24 $6.21 $6.40  45 
$3.51 $3.65 25 $6.41 $6.55 46
$3.66 $3.80 26 $6.56 $6.75 47
$3.81 $3.95 27 $6.76 $6.90 48
$3.96 $4.10 28 $6.91 $7.00 49
$4.11 $4.20 29 $7.01 $7.10 50
$4.21 $4.35 30 $7.11 $7.25 51
$4.36 $4.45 31 $7.26 $7.35 52
$4.46 $4.55 32 $7.36 $7.50 53
$4.56 $4.70 33 $7.51 $7.60 54
$4.71 $4.80 34 $7.61 $7.75 55
$4.81 $4.95 35 $7.76 $7.85 56
$4.96 $5.05 36 $7.86 $8.00 57
$5.06 $5.20 37 $8.01 $8.10 58
$5.21 $5.30 38 $8.11 $8.25 59
$5.31 $5.40  ⇒    39     ⇐  $8.26 $8.40 60
$5.41 $5.55    40     

Our FSC will be updated every first Monday of each month and posted on our website: https://www.snecorp.com/blog/

Best regards,

Humberto Linares
Director of Business Development
562.419.4668 | hl@snecorp.com

Posted: 3/6/2023

How Real-Time Freight Tracking Empowers Owner Operators
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Owners-operators of freight companies need to be empowered with real-time freight tracking. Real-Time tracking implies mapping the movement of goods and services from production to the time the product reaches the end-user or client. Challenges can thus be easily mitigated, saving valuable time and money. However,  only 6% of companies have complete visibility of their supply chain, reports Supply Chain Management Review. As the industry grows, real-time capabilities must become the standard freight tracking process, and owner-operators are remarkably poised to benefit from it.

Real-Time Tracking Reduces Owner-Operator Stress

Real-time tracking enhances customer satisfaction. Since shippers can instantly know where their cargo is, they’ll be able to handle customer service status queries more quickly. Further, accuracy in tracking also plays into mitigating possible disruptions while in transit. For example, tracking the current traffic, weather, and road conditions facilitates better ETAs and scheduling for downstream activities. Simultaneously, it’s improving communication and customer relations. Thus increased efficiency is why shippers invest in digital technologies, and it naturally results in less stress in responding to status update requests for owner-operators.  

Better Tracking Enhances Schedule Adherence

Connections to facility the common carrier tracking and data sharing are crucial to keeping the dock and warehouse appointment schedule flowing. Using advanced SaaS software, such as NavTrac, automates driver check-ins, which yields substantial benefits. 

Web-based check-ins ensure faster turnaround times and increased productivity. Manual errors that occur due to delay or lack of communication are considerably reduced, thus facilitating greater accuracy of delivery times. Besides, drivers don’t have to waste time waiting on gate personnel.

GPS-Enabled Systems Helps Owner-Operators Plan Routes

A GPS-enabled tracking system can track delays due to road and weather conditions or traffic challenges in any particular location. Having access to such crucial information enables the supplier to plan routes accordingly. Holiday seasons can lead to a sudden spike in demand for specific products. Integrating SaaS software into an order management system cuts transportation costs and helps consolidate shipments. Tracking shipments across the supply chain reduces confusion significantly and streamlines the entire process. 

More Data Means More Route Optimization Opportunities

Street turn containers reduce the cost of transportation by reducing the number of stops a load has to make to reach its final destination. Drivers can go to the nearest facility of the importer’s or exporter’s warehouse or a business location to pick up an empty container rather than go to the port. Of course, this is only possible by tracking the data around available loads and using that information to inform drivers of sudden changes or deviations from the planned route. The exact process also applies to milk runs or even warehouse-to-warehouse transfers. Ultimately, a GPS-enabled SaaS system is pivotal to the success of both these methods of saving time and money. 

Real-Time Data Ensures Drivers Understand What Their Time Is Worth

Digital scheduling also relies on a transparent, shared tracking system. Digital systems ensure that the shipment is loaded on the trucks on time, thus saving valuable time for drivers. No more do they have to wait in long lines with loads of paperwork at the yards. Drivers spend more time driving than waiting, which cuts miscellaneous costs. In turn, they can better understand the value of their time and will be less likely to assess accessorial charges, such as detention or dwell time surcharges, against their shippers. 

Streamline Your Responsibilities With Supra

Picking the right digital technology partner is vital to the success of the entire supply chain. Streamlining and using user-friendly  Companies that leverage tracking capabilities, such as Supra National Express, ensure efficiency by saving time and cutting costs. Manufacturers and shippers can thus turn their attention to their core businesses rather than worry about the timely and safe delivery of their freight, making life all the easier for owner-operators and their responsibilities. Connect with an expert at Supra National Express today and see the difference!

DrayMaster makes sourcing and freight tracking easier.