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DearĀ  Customer,

We are committed to delivering food-grade equipment on your exports that require it and are currently taking steps to inspect the equipment in our yard. If possible, we are repairing or getting rid of smells before delivering you the container. On the equipment we cannot fix, we are stuck returning to the terminal, which is when the Empty Container Misuse Fee applies, and this is a dray move with a port misuse fee attached to it.
To clarify our Empty Container Misuse fee, we wanted to share with you the breakdown of the misuse fee.

Steamship line/Terminal Misuse Surcharge – $175
Empty Pull Dry Run – $200
Empty Return – $200
Chassis Days x 2 days – $80

Your understanding and continued support are appreciated.
If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Sales Team at (424) 267-1155.

Best regards,

Humberto Linares
Director of Business Development
562.419.4668 | hl@snecorp.com

Posted: 6/24/2022