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Our depth of experience moving cargo to and from Southern California ports, businesses and warehouses, make us uniquely qualified to move your goods through the complexities of the region and beyond.  Owning our own assets – our fleet and our warehouses – distinguishes us from other transportation companies. This ownership gives us control at every stage to ensure the reliability you have come to expect from Supra.

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Our Drayage service is there to transport your goods over a short distance and is often part of a longer overall move, such as from a ship to a warehouse. Let the Supra team provide its quality, friendly Drayage service when you need a truck pickup from or delivery to a seaport, border point, inland port, or intermodal terminal where both the trip origin and destination are in the same urban area.
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Intermodal transport is characterized by the use of two or more modes of transport (maritime, road, air and rail) in the same logistics solution. The containers can be easily transferred from one modal to another.
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Full Truckload - FTL

Whether your shipment will fill one or several trucks in our fleet or those of our many partners, our FTL service is there to take care of your large shipping needs. Supra superior service is there to most efficiently plan, schedule and execute multiple trips, with several vehicles, transporting to a single specific location, regardless of the product transported.
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Long Haul Trucking - LHT

Supra provides full service through its brokerage services and partner trucking companies to meet your long-haul trucking (commonly abbreviated LHT) needs. This service is defined as commercial truck voyages that are more than 200 miles from origin to destination. It is also known as over-the-road (OTR) trucking and Supra can get your shipment there on schedule.
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Less-Than-Truckload - LTL

Our LTL service is there for our customers with cargo that would not fill the capacity of the truck or container. Let Supra work with you to collect your smaller loads of various sizes and volumes, we’ll combine them with loads from multiple customers, consolidating them and delivering to one or more locations on the same route to keep your shipping costs as low as possible.