What Is a Street Turn Container?
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Did you know that a street turn container can lessen your costs? With pressure rising within the transportation industry, the popularity of street turn empty containers is worth looking at more closely. This is especially true within import and export logistics in the business port areas along the coasts. With global movements across the sea so common, west coast ports stand to benefit the most from better use every movement, and that begins with more use of street turn container capabilities. But what is a street turn container, and why does the street turn container meaning always seem to change by audience? The answer rests in understanding the street turn container meaning, doing more with less in logisticthat a street turn empty container is more valuable than a traditional dual transaction where a container returns to port with each movement. 

As highlighted by The Port of Los Angeles, “When data for the Port of Los Angeles is combined with the Port of Long Beach, the two ports handled 31% of all containerized international waterborne trade in the U.S.—meaning 31% of everything the U.S. imported or exported in containers over the water came through the San Pedro Bay port complex, which includes the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.” 

A critical component that has allowed these ports to handle so much volume is the continual updating of logistics processes, and the fact that more shippers and carriers are embracing a street turn container approach.

What Is a Street Turn Container?

The innovative approach seen in the industry today with street turn containers makes it easier to manage live loads, port loading and unloading, transportation hauling, and more. But what is a street turn container exactly? Rather than traveling back to the port to pick up an empty container, drivers can simply pick up an empty container from another facility. That may be a warehouse, a rail yard or an importer’s or exporter’s business location.

With a street turn empty container, there is no need for a return trip with an empty container. Shippers can complete another load without returning and spending money hauling an empty container, as shown in the below comparison:

Carriers like street turns because they cut down on time spent on each trip and speed up downtime. Uncovering the specific street turn container meaning is vital in improving container transportation and distribution.

What Are the Benefits of More Street Turned Containers?

Unlike dual transactions, which mean drivers must return to the original location to pick up a loaded container and drop off the empty one, street turned containers are much more efficient and bring several benefits to the industry: 

  • Faster Loading and Unloading: with a street turn, container loads can be dropped off and new ones quickly picked up.
  • Improve Efficiency Overall: fewer dead haul miles and less idle dwell time mean a street turn container can be utilized more efficiently.
  • Better Profitability Per Load: more intelligent driving means a street turn empty container transport costs less while earning more.
  • Better Service and Higher Satisfaction: shippers, carriers, retailers, and end customers all benefit from the use of street turn containers.
  • Easier Logistics During Bottlenecks: in the face of ongoing recovery, understanding street turn container meaning has improved overall logistics.

How to Implement More Street Turns in Your Supply Chain 

Transportation managers interested in reaping the benefits of street turn containers can implement this innovative approach by following these simple steps:

  • Embrace advances in smart tech, automation, and digitalization within the supply chain.
  • Focus on improving transparency and insight with real-time data analysis when possible.
  • Ensure staff and 3PLs and all involved parties are properly trained and onboarded.
  • Streamlining communications with improved supply chain technology and platforms.
  • Find trucking service providers familiar with street turn container meaning and application.
  • Shift resources to allow for better predictive planning and collaboration within the industry.
  • Keep growth and recovery front and center with capacity procurement and management.

Implementing street turn empty container processes and improving end-to-end logistics with transportation jobs and duties is easier with the proper insight and service. Supra is ready to offer all this and more.

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Street turned containers are a critical step to achieving more value from your supply chain. To learn more about freedom, flexibility, scalability, and dependability offered by street turn container logistics, it’s all about finding the right industry partnership. Supra has years of experience with transportation service providers and shipping companies of all sizes. Sign up to check out our empty container inventory today to see how street turned container logistics can make a difference in your operation, and you can do it all with our new rate tool: DrayMaster. 

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