7 Reasons to Strategically Source Warehousing and Yard Space
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One of the most important considerations for importers and exporters is logistics warehousing and yard storage space,. Properly sourced yard management and warehousing storage provide a secure location to store goods, allowing buyers and sellers to manage their operations better, while also using supply chain technology to boost throughput. Strategic sourcing of logistics warehousing near the San Pedro Bay Complex is crucial to reducing overhead and streamlining transportation. You cannot afford to make rash decisions with so much riding on your yard and warehouse in logistics partnerships. Let’s take a closer look at the top seven reasons to choose your logistics warehousing and yard management software partners more easily and carefully. 

1. Cost Savings of Outsourced Logistics Warehousing

Strategically sourcing logistics warehousing on the West Coast can lead to hard shipping and transport cost reductions. This is especially true for goods travelling to or from Asia. The ports in the San Pedro Bay Complex are less than a day’s drive from six major logistics hubs in Southern California, allowing companies to save money by utilizing existing infrastructure. Additionally, warehouse space in this region may be more affordable due to its close proximity to these logistics hubs and access to a wider drayage service network.

2. Accessibility to Major Network Nodes via Tech Warehouse Connections

In addition to cost savings through logistics warehousing and yard storage space, strategic sourcing on the West Coast allows businesses to reduce transit times. With quick access to major logistics centers, products coming from Asia can easily cross the Pacific Ocean and reach their customers sooner with fewer delays. This shorter transit time becomes even more important when dealing with perishables or other fast-moving goods since delays can lead to costly losses due to spoilage or obsolescence of products. For this reason, importers and exporters should look into logistics warehousing options near the San Pedro Bay Complex when looking for ways to manage their supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively.

3. Improved Delivery Times Via Outsourced Logistics Warehousing

Sourcing logistics warehousing closer to where goods are produced or delivered has many advantages, the most notable being improved delivery times. By strategically sourcing logistics warehousing near major logistics hubs such as those in the San Pedro Bay Complex, buyers and sellers can reduce transit times due to quicker access to freight services, hitting major highways and rail ramps faster and with fewer delays. Why?

The answer is simple. Customers expect to have their orders arrive within three business days, says RetailDive, and as a result, importers and exporters need to ensure their goods are moving through their networks as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. This is especially beneficial when dealing with perishables or other fast-moving goods since delays can lead to costly losses due to spoilage or obsolescence of products. Further, these partnerships can open the door to more street turn container, such as 121 Bermuda, which can reduce costs and transit time even further. 

4. Quality Control

When you source logistics warehousing strategically, you can ensure that your goods are properly cared for from start to finish – from production all the way through delivery – reducing potential issues with quality control.

Quality control is an essential part of logistics warehousing and yard management. When goods are sourced strategically, companies can ensure that their products are stored properly, handled correctly and monitored for safety and quality standards. Quality control in logistics warehousing and yard management is necessary to guarantee that goods are stored securely and kept up to date with current regulations. This

5. Flexibility & Scalability

Strategic sourcing allows for greater flexibility when it comes to storage needs; warehouses near ports can scale up quickly should individual businesses experience sudden spikes in demand or need additional capacity throughout the full year. 

Flexibility and scalability are key benefits of strategically sourcing logistics warehousing near ports. Companies can quickly increase their storage capacity when needed to meet unexpected spikes in demand, or during peak seasons. This is especially helpful for businesses dealing with rapidly changing logistics needs such as those in retail and e-commerce sectors. Additionally, logistics warehousing and yard storage spaces near ports may offer more flexible contracts that better suit companies’ changing needs.

6 Enhanced Security & Insurance Options

Being located close proximity to major ports means there is increased security available which could be taken advantage of by companies looking for extra protection against theft or damage while storing goods.

Without the right security measures in place, goods stored in warehouses or yards are vulnerable to theft, as well as physical and environmental damage. In an increasingly globalized market, where goods must move quickly from one location to another.

One of the greatest benefits to strategic logistics warehousing is access to expertise and support from logistics experts close by, providing businesses with much-needed peace of mind when it comes to storing their goods securely.

Insurance is critical for logistics warehousing, especially near the San Pedro Bay Complex, where goods must move quickly from one location to another. Logistics warehousing near ports allows businesses to take advantage of the best insurance options and rates available, providing an extra layer of security for stored goods and protecting company reputations.

7. Expertise & Support

Technology can be used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse pickups and deliveries. For example, warehouse management systems (WMS) can track and record the movement of inventory within a warehouse, providing real-time visibility into stock levels and enabling efficient picking and packing of orders. Transportation management systems (TMS) can be used to optimize routes and schedule deliveries, reducing fuel costs and improving delivery times. 

In addition, technologies such as RFID (radio-frequency identification) tags and scanners can be used to track the movement of goods within the warehouse and facilitate more accurate and efficient picking and packing. Barcode scanners and other automated systems can also be used to improve accuracy and speed up the process of checking in and checking out deliveries.

The use of these technologies have a natural implication for better managing truck appointments can help warehouse managers better understand and optimize their operations, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings. It can also improve customer satisfaction by enabling faster and more accurate delivery of goods, and a crucial component of all these systems is sharing that information across systems to ensure everything moves smoothly. Supra’s use of NavTrack is another example of how quickly a third-party technology can boost efficiency as well. 

Streamline Your West Coast Logistics Warehousing and Yard Management Needs

If your business deals with importing or exporting, you know that careful planning is essential to success. The factors we’ve outlined should be taken into consideration when selecting warehousing and yard space for your business’s needs. By partnering with Supra National Express, you can ensure that your imported and exported goods are stored and shipped according to all the necessary regulations, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. Contact Supra National Express to get started on streamlining your import/export business.


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